Courthouse Today

The Courthouse Today

Restored and preserved. Photo taken 2014.

The Berrima Courthouse and it’s conservation programs are totally funded by visitors and profit from retail sales in the ‘Petty Jurors ‘ book and souvenir shop. Neither local, state nor federal government fund the Berrima courthouse. Berrima courthouse is a registered charity and a ‘not for profit’ organisation and registered by the A.T.O. as a deductible gift recipient.

The Berrima courthouse is owned by the NSW State Government and is managed by a trust composed of local residents. The courthouse has one employee, and is staffed by volunteers.

Your entry fee to tour the courthouse is a real and measurable way of assuring that this historic icon is preserved and cared for now and into the future. We thank you for helping us to preserve this grand building.

Colin Gelling

Visiting the Courthouse

Museum Hours

Monday to Sunday - 10am to 4pm
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Fantastic museum; beautiful Georgian architecture, fascinating facts and extreme silliness ... finally the "spooky light show" at the end is a hoot, hardly terrifying but great fun and a good way to visualise a Georgian court. 

Alice / Trip Advisor

I loved stepping back in time in the courthouse and learning about not only the courthouse history but history of the town and near by residents. A great day to be had, Lots of fun. I recommend this to everyone of all ages.

Cayce / Trip Advisor

We liked the film on the history of the settlement of Berrima and the surrounding district, the listing of the first fleet ships and who was on board each. Finally a court re-enactment is well worth the price of admission. 

Paul and Lorraine S / Trip Advisor

We liked the fact that the displays told us not just about the courthouse but about the whole town. The AV presentation was excellent. The museum displays are a little old fashioned it style but informative. The sound and light show in the courtroom is entertaining.

Sue T / Trip Advisor